A week in London AND...

I got my MA! Woohoo! So, to get over all the hard work I had a week in London immediately, and crammed it with shows, and galleries and swimming in a lake, and new cafes etc etc and all the stuff I/none of us have been able to do for ages.

A highlights snapshot: 1.

Matilda, the musical - a new cast of children we were told, which made me feel even more attached to them, and the audience was really routing for them so when Matilda stood front centre at the end, triumphant at last, you could feel the warmth and joy bursting the theatre walls open. I found myself weeping with joy or was it just being overwhelmed at one point during the show - is this partly the relief of being allowed out?! I won't reveal which bit in case you go along to see the show.

2. The Mirror and Light, Hilary Mantel, Gielgud Theatre

I read all of Mantel's Cromwell books during lockdown and I loved Wolf Hall on TV so I was really looking forward to seeing the last of the trilogy as a stage work but my advice is stick to reading the book for now. Hopefully there will be a TV adaptation one day but until then this show does not fill the gap. It was a little bit like watching a pantomime, especially in the second half, as the writers tried to cram in as much of the book as possible; baddies, goodies, grrrr, chop off his head, I wish they'd get on with it... oh at last we can leave!

(More snapshots in the next blog - I managed to pick up a virulent virus as a parting gift from London which I am recovering from but I still feel knackered; don't think it's covid 19 but waiting for the pcr test results. Most troubling for anyone living with me: I have completely lost my voice!)

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