CONNECT! How the pandemic has affected my practice

It's been interesting for me to view my MA show holistically, and seeing how its development led to a theme of connection. Reflecting on the need for all of us to reject fear, or a sort of new agoraphobia, connecting with people rather than avoiding them seems to be the way forward. Many people are understandably wary of peering out of their homes and joining in again (wrap yourself in cotton wool and remove it gently and gradually!).

So if you can come to our MA show in Bognor, see if you can notice the connections made in my installation/performance - even today, one day before I have to finish its making, I'm adding a connection...

Looking back at the lockdown periods, I found many ways to continue my practice, and to use up materials that haven't seen the light of day for many years:

  • If it wasn't moving it would get covered in mosaic, during which time I listened to books on Audible (more on that subject in a future post).

  • I filmed down on my local beach all through winter, and used my footage from this and swimming pool footage (a hotel in Coventry last September - I was the only guest so they gave me the key to the pool) to experiment with editing. I am still working on syncing the pool footage with Kraftwerk music which is mesmerising as well as frustrating at times.

  • painting - I'm right back in the painting zone, using up materials and making my own paints now.

  • glass: continuing to paint on glass and loving the effects of sunlight hitting through the colour; emotionally uplifting, especially the reds and yellows.

  • ceramics: I had a bag of clay lying around so I hand built pots and jugs (audible in the background of course) and found this grounding, and full of future promise...

  • experimenting in general: talking of using up materials, I made this chandelier incorporating tomato puree tins; I don't think this would have happened if it hadn't been for the lockdowns. AND let's not forget the little sushi fish hanging on the fish wire: I've been collecting these for years thinking that one day they would come in handy and the time is right! People have already spotted them and made their own connections.

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