Diary entry

First day of the new lock down so it seems a good time to do a simple diary entry, illustrating what's going on in the studio:

Ceramics: continuing to make pots for future performances, using cling film to create marks and indents. these will be used during "Promise" when we are able to perform it in person.

Film: two strands - editing a kaleidoscope of swimming images and synchronising them with Krawftwerk music

- filming water, above, under and around! I have borrowed lots of cameras and tripods from the university so during this afternoon's swim in the sea I'll be experimenting with the Gopro camera, and then at sunset I'll use the ordinary camcorder to try to capture the sun as it dips below the horizon. The sun is very bright today, as it was yesterday when I noticed that the orange sun made the sea look bright turquoise, so hoping to to catch that with better equipment this evening.

Painting: continuing to make my own oil paints, and still working on my new nasturtiums painting, and my Fawley Oil Refinery painting - enjoying the freedom of these new paints! I've bought two large canvases to create a joint piece of work with another artist soon so I'll keep you posted.

Collaboration: planning a joint venture with an artist in Dorchester, Damian Clark, which we are hoping will extend into both of our local communities when the lockdown is over.

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