Hockney show at the RA, and its effects on my beach hut holiday

I made it to the latest Hockney show at the RA last week and enjoyed gazing at his ipad sketches of Normandy, if it's ok to call them sketches; if you go, make the most of the first two images you see on arrival, which are animated ipad works and for me the best part of the show. I recognised the similarities between Hockney's studies and Monet's Haystack series, which I saw SEVERAL years ago - Hockney has clearly been influenced by this work. As ever, Hockney is as honest as he can be by drawing/painting what he sees, and trusts to the outcomes, come what may. So brave!

And a few days later, I found myself in a beach hut with my little travelling paint set, and watercolour crayons, and faffing around with my pencil sharpener, and re filling my glass with sea water all the time, so why not have a go at doing a Hockney? See below! (And thanks goes to Roz Hall who taught me how to do this via a course at Pallant house Gallery).

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