In Between Times

To continue my search for the best online or 'during lockdown' performance, I was sooo excited to have the experience of In Between times' performance (Bristol-based performance group)

THE LOCKDOWN RESOLUTION A UNIQUE 360° VIDEO AND LIVE AUDIO PERFORMANCE FROM MAMMALIAN DIVING REFLEX, but was sadly underwhelmed. The first viewing was hopeless as the Youtube part of the experience moved on to a completely irrelevant video of women chatting about lockdown but of course I didn't know that and assumed it was the right one. Well, to cut a long story short I asked if I could have another a go and they were very helpful and willing to arrange this, so I took another look the next day, this time aware of the youtube issue (which DID happen again!). I won't bang on about all the difficulties but suffice to say the technology did not work, some of which could have been ironed out if they had tested it on more people in advance. I've also become irritated by the number of groups making us go into 'breakout rooms' on zoom and doing a sort of group therapy each time - nooooo! Not imaginative enough and felt really patronising. Oh well, better luck next time!

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