My bus stop

Time to rein myself in and focus on my nearest bus stop

Interesting times. A thatched bus stop no less, and o indication of how long it's been there. Someone put a lot of care and love into this structure, but no one seems to be caring for it now. I have been cleaning, sweeping, dusting, removing cobwebs, washing, scrubbing the structure and its beautiful wooden bench for three days now, and find I have grown attached to it. On my way there this morning, I spotted a car parked next to it and noticed I immediately felt a territorial tinge! The driver saw me approach him, and he moved on for some reason. I heard rustling in my bus stop; a woman was sitting on my bench. She jumped up, avoiding eye contact. I smiled and said,"Ooo, are you here to catch a bus?" (knowing full well that there wouldn't be another bu for two days).

"I might be," she said cagily, still avoiding eye contact. I told her I was just there to sweep up, at which point she jumped up, and dashed towards the entrance. I said that she was welcome to stay. "Oh no, it doesn't really matter. Well, in fact, I'm here for a geo trail" (I think) and she grabbed a little bike light thing from the eaves of my bus stop. I had no idea what she meant, but guessed that she and the driver were conspiring to complete some sort of orienteering task, so I reassured her that she could leave it as I was only here for an art project in fact, and I wouldn't touch it.

With a sideways and naughty-looking grin, and still no eye contact, she shoved the device back into the eaves, and jumped into the car, and I over heard her telling her co-conspirator,"She's doing an art project!", and off they rushed, presumably to the next post.

Who knew this little bus stop had so many purposes? Unlike the one up the road in Norton Bavant which is for wheelie bin passengers only (photo to follow).

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