Out of the chaos! "Is now a good time?"

Continuing my research, looking into finding a way to perform online, I had a fabulous time with the Out of chaos theatre company. Their performance, "Is now a good time", was both hilarious and intriguing, and I felt totally engaged for the whole hour - even the gaps of time when I was waiting for another phone call from them left me feeling excited, nervous, confused, all of the above!

I won't reveal all as I hope some of you might now rush off to buy your own ticket, but it's not giving much away to tell you that it is all performed via telephone, and you the viewer/listener guide the narrative. It reminded me a bit of the underground theatre which used to perform on the London Underground, where the audience was very much part of the over all effectiveness of the performance as we huddled, all huggermugger, on platforms to hear the next stage of their act.

For my work, this piece showed me that perhaps the simpler technology is a good plan, not only because there is less that can go wrong, but also because the phone is very familiar to most people so it is already easier to relate to. I noticed that I was still buzzing about the show late at night, going over the words and actions in my mind, making me aware of the impact of the 2 way, relational result: I genuinely feel that I contributed to the success of the piece, but at the same time recognise the actors' talent and ingenuity. A win-win!

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