Ralph Fiennes - The four Quartets, Cambridge

Hmmm... I'm always up for some time with Voldermort so I was looking forward to seeing how he would stage this (dare I say it?) quite heavy piece. I'm ashamed to say that I did not match up to the Cambridge audience's intellect, as they laughed in all the right places, but I did latch onto memorable lines of existentialism and tried my best to hang onto them but they drifted away, but maybe that was the point... The stage set was marvellous - two large slabs of apparent stone, on swivels so Ralph moved them around occasionally, allowing more or less light in each time (excellent lighting too).

Over all though I recognise the need to revisit this writing on the page and spend time with it, and then I would probably enjoy this performance more. How did he learn it all! Incredible! And he did hold the theatre in his thrall the entire time. Not sure if it's the covid effect that made it harder to concentrate for me...

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