Reading during the pandemic

At the start of the crisis I heard two different comedians say that they've never read the whole of Joyce's Ulysses so I decided to make that a target, and succeeded! I loved the rhythm within it, and picked up on phrases to add to films, such as "scald the teapot". I also started following 'the book grotto' on Instagram as I enjoyed their book reviews and the more contemporary nature of their book recommendations (something about the pandemic maybe, but I kept on finding myself leaning towards old classics: Anna Karenina is waiting in the wings). Through this site, I discovered this book :

I have been listening to it on Audible while painting/mosaicing etc - all 42 hours+ - and it has been a great companion during lockdowns. It's a female, 21st century take on Ulysses, using her stream of consciousness to lead you through her daily routines, worries, joys, insecurities etc.

Between this book and Ulysses, the concept of 'living in the here and now' feels more attainable. Awareness of the small stuff matters.

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