The Bus Stop Project

This project started a few weeks ago, and already it is throwing up many dilemmas, personal anxieties, political aspects, stories, and, sad to say, tragedies.

I began by photographing the Upton Lovell Bus stop, probably my favourite one at the moment (pictured). I haven't yet decided how to document this project, and I'm aware that my brain creates dilemmas and fears at the same time as the child in me wants to charge ahead and get out there, hence the use of this blog page to get the ball rolling.

My plan for this stop was to clean it meticulously, in itself a part of the process for me as I hate cleaning, and have issues with women who see it as a matter of pride to have a clean house, as if it defines them. What happens to them I wonder, if someone turns up unannounced when the kitchen isn't spotless? Isn't this an anachronism? Another example of women providing their own shackles?

Even at this stage, problems arise as I'm aware of the local community and their possible suspicions, so I plan to let the people in the house next door know what is going on, which I predicted would in itself throw up a story for us.

Then, one evening, I was to lay a small table in the shelter, with white linen, candles, silverware and all the works, and serve up a meal for two, photograph it and so on, and then document the experience both factually and emotionally. However, this idea has already been derailed. The first time I spoke to a local person/friend about this bus shelter I was given a snippet of information about a tragedy which occurred in 2012 at this junction: two people died by the bus shelter in a car crash, and now this becomes the focus. Should I commemorate the pair by placing flowers and an obituary-type explanation, or am I now using this solely for my own purposes, and not being sensitive to the private tragedy of people I don't know?

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