"Truth" performance, Helen Chadwick

Workshop and performance

I'm getting braver by the minute and found myself in what turned out to be a singing workshop prior to this wonderful "Truth" performance. We were taught songs, harmonies and even Russian and managed to produce some good sounds. Have a listen. Very interesting how quickly we became friends in the group - was it because we had to trust each other eg to not hate us if we hit a bum note, and to piggy back on each other's breathing so we could keep the drone going?

And then to enter the auditorium in the evening and see lots of familiar faces in amongst the seats, catching each others' eyes, and waving excitedly; we had inside knowledge about the evening's process and a shared joy of finding our voices!

I urge you to see this performance - it is touring the country into many nooks and crannies so you could be lucky. The nature of truth is examined and played with, using voice, light and choreography and runs for 1 hour and ten compelling minutes. Such talent and ingenuity, and a great message for everyone.

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