I love you

A film for Aesthetica film festival: a woman's voice talking about her experience of judgment and shame.

Film based on the play/performance due to premiered in Chichester Festival 2020: PROMISE

(from text by Peter Doggett,"Suicide Notes")

STILL TIME:a 60 second film for The Raindance Film festival; the brief was that it had to be from a low angle, reflect the persistence of film making, and be at most 60seconds long.  The image is of a cobweb flloating in the breeze at the base of an old door.
DOGS RUN FREE A film of dogs running free!  I am aware of how much easier it is to make contemplative, or even miserable, soul-searching films so this is my antidote.
Boats - a film (still in production) about tourism.  Finding myself on a short holiday in Malta I realised I couldn't pronounce the name of the village I was staying in, let alone know anything about the local people, their language and their politics.

Meno 1 - from  a series of studies about women and age.

film as part of installation in January 2020 show, Chichester