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Baylis' intention is to engage her audience, making connections.  She has been representing everyday experiences since the start of her career, using paint as her most immediate outlet for creative expression.  Her intention is to glorify the everyday’, and to celebrate the beauty of subjects we see but may pass by without remark. 


"Baylis provides an experience for the viewer to engage

with and be curious about, finding their own signifiers

within the work, unearthing their own context.  She is

throwing out the breadcrumbs; it’s up to the viewer to

decide how to use them."

Current projects include:


FILMS:  developing a series of short films for schools about 1.  objectification, and 2.  relationships;

experimental filmwork and editing for the Dentists' waiting room series, using sound and vision as a form of meditation/distraction.

Her film and performance subjects reflect social issues, combining social responsibility with her love of making art.  The viewer can make personal associations, finding their own context within the piece.  The juxtaposition between one’s local community and the global community can seem fragmented, yet we are connected.  Everything is relational.  Film and performance are important mediums for her as they provide immediacy. Film feels similar to the act of painting – instead of using paint, she uses film to achieve new compositions and images, and moving time.

Rachel Baylis, MA (Fine Art), is a painter and film producer, based in West Sussex and London, UK.  








PAINTING:  in the studio Baylis' focus is on colour and dimensional structure, letting the paint and inks do the talking - public are welcome to visit by appointment.

"En plein air, cyan blue, lemon yellow, magenta and white are my basic requirements to capture passing inspiration - when I sketch, I sketch in paint, not pencil; back in the studio I have the freedom to use more colours and materials to play with form and colour; I work with acrylic, gouache and water colour paint, sometimes introducing thick impasto brushmarks when working on canvas, while images on paper appear less textural but more layered. I revel in clashing colours to excite the eye, yet later introduce unity by balancing colours around the surface.  While I dislike rules, I enjoy using formal principles, such as the Golden Ratio, and colour theory, in my painting."  

examples of exhibitions/commissions

Morisot Gallery, Chichester

Chichester University, Bishop Otter and Bognor campuses

Bognor Pop Up

Haven Artists' group shows 2014 - 2020

Ealing Open Arts Centre

Teddington Artists Group 

Ealing open studios

Titchfield Haven

Harbour Lights, Southampton

Frivoli Gallery, Chiswick

Nuffield Theatre, Southampton

Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham

Hampshire Open Studios

Summer and Autumn Art Fairs, London

Kensington Hotel Pool mural

Battersea Art Fair ("Affordable Art")

Illustrators and Artists Art Fair

headline artist, Hatfield House

London Open Studios

Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford

The Phoenix Art Gallery

The Chiswick Cinema

Manadon House, Plymouth

Rolling programme with property developers:

Lambert Smith Hampton

Art Trails:  West London, Hampshire,

West Sussex, Coastal, Dorset

examples of residencies
Ealing Open Arts
The Bridge Arts Project, London
Watermans, London
The Great Art Expedition, London
Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham
The Maltings Arts Centre, Farnham
The New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth
  and many local community centres and
schools all over Britain.

rachel baylis artist actor film director theatre producer in london and chichester

Baylis formed the Feel Flows Theatre Group in 2019 to present "Promise" at various venues.  The next Feel Flows Performance will be at Speakers' corner, Hyde Park, London (details to follow).  She previously ran The Performance Group at Reading University, and the Great Art Expedition in London.

Saatchi Art Gallery

Vimeo (baylis' film links)

Peter Doggett, author and actor 

  tel: 07905 356114

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