Baylis' intention is to engage her audience, making connections. Her film and performance subjects reflect social issues, combining social responsibility with her love of making art.  The viewer can make personal associations, finding their own context within the piece. The juxtaposition between one’s local community and the global community can seem fragmented, yet we are connected.  Everything is relational.

Film and performance are important mediums for her as they provide immediacy. Film feels

similar to the act of painting – instead of using paint, she uses film to achieve new

compositions and images, and moving time.

For many, politics has become less about national or global events and more about personal

lives. From what may seem low-level politics, such as the failure to fill potholes, Baylis' work

aims to respect people’s personal situations, while simultaneously suggesting that these issues

are part of a bigger political problem, and that we do not have to repeat history with the next



Baylis' creative intention is to provide an experience for the viewer to engage with and be

curious about, finding their own signifiers within the work, unearthing their own context. 

She is throwing out the breadcrumbs; it’s up to the viewer to decide how to use them.

Baylis is also a fully qualified teacher and freelance tutor, working with art groups, schools and one to one sessions, teaching a variety of  creative pursuits, such as: painting, drawing, Drawing for the terrified, Find Your Creativity, silk painting, and multi-media workshops.  For more details please either phone or email:  07905 356114


Her next workshop:  The Haven Artists in Catisfield Hall, Fareham  THEME: abstractsMay 14th 2022, 11am - 4pm  please contact Clare to reserve your place: or phone 07905 356114 for more info.


examples of tutor residencies:  Ealing Open Arts
The Bridge Arts Project, London
Watermans, London
The Great Art Expedition, London
Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham
The Maltings Arts Centre, Farnham
The New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth
  and many local community centres and schools all over Britain.